Separate your Content from your Selling

“Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

​This is where so many of us heart-based entrepreneurs fall down: we try to mix our selling with our moments of content generosity. We know it doesn’t feel totally right. We may even sabotage our own efforts.
I recommend that we separate our content from our selling.

I’ll start with some context. I’ve observed what may be a 3-phase evolu…

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Free vs. Premium Content

​Which of your content should be free versus paid?

This is an important question which I will address in the second half of this post.

​First, we need to talk about whether content should have a fee attached. For example: online courses.
I used to promote the idea that all content should be free because it would (1) help humanity progress faster, (2) help you attract your ideal audience, and (3) make you more creative by easing the pressure in creating your perfect content.

A few ye…

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Create Your Content for 1 Caring Person

Many of the blocks to creating content can be solved by one mindset shift:

Make your content for just 1 person at a time.

Don’t write for “the world”.

Don’t make videos for “your audience.”

​That kind of approach can easily cause performance anxiety, which blocks you from showing up consistently.​.. 
Instead, imagine that you are talking to just 1 person… someone you feel comfortable talking to, someone who loves your ideas.

It might be an ideal client, a kind friend, a supportive…

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The 3 Stages of Content

​A common mistake that I see from aspiring content creators. Maybe you have done this too:

You have an idea that inspires you… so you think that it must also excite other people, too. Understandable!
Therefore you put lots of time (and maybe money) into packaging that idea into a book… or course… or you create an amazing video after a lot of hard work.

You share it with the world.

What usually happens?

Far less response than you hoped for…

You just fell for a core human bias — to…

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Isn’t there already too much content online?

Should you add to the noise?

How can you stand out?

Think about this:
Every year, there are more books published than anyone can consume in several lifetimes… so should people stop writing books because there are “too many” of them?

Should people stop creating and sharing their art because there’s already so much?

Apply that answer to your own content:

Of course you shouldn’t stop creating and sharing.In fact, the solution to “too much content” isn’t to ask everyone to make less

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