Venn Diagram for Authentic Business

In trying to understand your purposeful work, you may have encountered various kinds of complex venn diagrams to express the idea of Ikigai.

Well, here's my version of it... a venn diagram for Authentic Business:

Authentic Business Venn Diagram

I created that in 2014, and I think it can still help many people to understand where to place their energies in their work.

The circle on the right represents your passions, which can be...

  • Topics you love to talk about

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Stuck on defining your niche? Build an audience first.

When creating your authentic business, you might get stuck defining your “niche”, or figuring out your “target market.”

Maybe you’re trying to get clarity too early in your business.

You’re under the illusion that you have to get everything figured out before you can really start to grow your business.

Here’s the typical reasoning:

Define Niche  ➜  Create Content & Offerings  ➜  Get Clients

​In my experience of coaching many so…

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Concentric Circles: A Wholesome Alternative to Sales Funnels

Concentric Circles Business Model George Kao

Here’s the business model that I use, and recommend for all clients to consider.

It’s an alternative to sales funnels (which often feel unethical to me).

This concentric circles model is meant for those who earn a living as solopreneurs (simpler business with less overhead) by sharing their life’s experiences via coaching, mentoring, facilitation, or healing. 

Notice that there are boundaries to each of the levels in the diagram. The…

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Must you focus on just 1 niche?


A reader wrote this to me:

“My passion is to help people lead a happy life. I want to help people achieve fulfillment in 3 important areas of their lives… relationships, finances, and career. 

As I’ve read and researched, I see that many experts recommend tailoring down to a specific niche, and focusing on narrow issues; thereby warning against taking a big range of topics. I perfectly understand that the 3 areas I’ve picked are so wide! In fact, e…

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Charge more money to get more motivated clients?


A reader asked:

 “We often hear that we only commit to things we pay a dear price for. Today a coach tried to sell me a £20k program to work with him 1-o-1, weekly sessions for a year. And he justifies the price with the need to commit: if you pay for a cheap service you won't be so likely to commit to change.

As a healer, I wonder if selling high price packages might actually help my clients stick with my healing programs instead of being distracted by the next thing they find online.

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