Announcing the Joyful Productivity Coaching Program

​This is hands-down my
favorite program to facilitate.  I’m inspired by the vision of helping solopreneurs be joyfully productive, organized, better at boundaries and self-care, and excellent at daily prioritizing their time and energy.  All of our businesses could thrive and our personal lives be far more balanced and joyful.

In this post, I’ll give an outline of what will be covered in the 2022 program. 
The abbreviation for this program is "TLC" -- which stands for “Thoughtful Life…

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The 5 key pieces to think about before launching your online course

​As I prepare to update my 
Authentic Course Launches training, I’d like to clear up a major myth, as well as share the 5 pieces to think about if you’re interested in launching your own courses. 
The major misconception is that creating courses is primarily about choosing the right platform -- Thinkific? Kajabi? MemberVault? LearnDash? MightyNetworks? Something else? 

To see the results of my research: which online course platform is best for the solopreneur? 

By choosing the right p…

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To help you clarify your offers -- The CORE Program

​I'm launching a new coaching program to support you in clarifying the most resonant service or product that you can offer to your audience.

You’ll gain confidence
 in brainstorming and then narrowing down what you would enjoy offering, that will likely be also financially successful.

You’ll learn to explain what you offer in a clear way.

Watch me explain the 8 steps of the CORE program in the video above.

I'm facilitating this program live only once every 2 years.

The next round star…

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Thoughtful Life Calendaring (TLC) Coaching Program

​I’m excited to announce my new 6-month coaching program called TLC -- Thoughtful Life Calendaring.

My expectation is that it will help a lot of you make consistent progress in your business, and create better self-care in your life, too.

We’re only into the launch for a few days, and I’m grateful that 21 people have already started the onboarding process. If the rest of this post resonates with you, consider joining us. I believe you’ll find it very beneficial.

Once you are ready to s…

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Why hasn't LinkedIn been working for your business?

​I’m about to teach a revamped version of my popular course about LinkedIn.

​For those thinking “I’ve used LinkedIn but it hasn’t worked for me”, this article is for you.

You probably have a LinkedIn account. So do most of the people you know who’ve had a professional life in the past 2 decades.

Since there are 700 million accounts on LinkedIn, making it the largest, searchable professional networking platform, why isn’t it working for you professionally?

There are only 2 reasons:

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